南華寺 Nanhua Temple China

04.07 / Personal, Travel

Raised in the secular West and educated in public schools, I grew up fascinated with my Buddhist roots. Buddhism was part of my upbringing, but it was never taught or spoken about in depth. The ceremonial practices from childhood seemed to have more to do with honoring tradition rather than religion, a disconnection I feel is common among Asian-Americans born in the East and raised in the West.

Though I don’t consider myself to be particularly religious, I am spiritual beyond my own understanding. Without it, I cannot feel love and compassion in the way that I do. Making images about people and their lives is a very spiritual process. Often a burden because the moment could be so significant that my biggest fear is that the image I make cannot do it justice. Perhaps this is the fear of every photographer who believes in documenting life as it is.

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  • lauren - 3 years ago

    Angel, I love this post! You certainly do every moment justice. There is definitely something so special and unique in the way you can capture so much emotion in a photograph. You truly have been blessed with a tremendous gift to be a able to freeze moments in time in such a beautiful way.